UTRAI Jstar 5 is a brutal starting 24 mAh power bank in the EU warehouse
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The inflated starting power bank UTRAI Jstar 5 will replace both the compressor and the light, it has up to 24 mAh and a current of 000 A

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I have been using this for 1,5 years, I drive in the trunk of the car, I park outside. In the first winter, from October to March, capacity dropped spontaneously to only 93%. What I had before was self-evolving in 2 months.
It is expensive, but the quality of the battery is above standard. I mostly use it for inflating the wheels, sometimes also for starting, although "only" two liters of gasoline, but it started without any problems.
The packaging is just fine and beautiful, just a little big, it takes up a lot of space, otherwise 100% satisfaction.