TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is the latest Wear OS watch with arrhythmia detection

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Cheaper than through 11.11! TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS has heart arrhythmia detection, NFC payments and 72-hour battery life with Wear OS

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Why buy through Ali when the manufacturer offers theirs directly on the site with delivery to Slovakia.


We have to wait a while and Ali will have a much better price than the official dealer.

Ing. Juraj Klein

I'm thinking of buying this smart watch, but still not sure if it can be paid through Google play?


Hello. We do not know what version of the Wear OS system these watches have, nor does the manufacturer itself state this on its website. However, if they do not already have Wear OS 3.0 installed directly in the package, they will receive an update later, as it was announced for all Snapdragon Wear 4100 watches. We've contacted the official dealer to see if we can get an answer.


there is then some guidance on how to connect it to SK as well


There will be no need to get around it, Wear OS 3.0 officially offers Google Pay payments for SK / CZ as well.


Payment by card allows payment in installments without interest directly on the site, I like it more than Ali, the question is where to apply the guarantee…


I am interested in this watch but the foreign forum is full of posts about the disorder that suffers from about all pieces. The sensors stop working on the watch and they discharge quickly, and the manufacturer has been playing on a dead beetle for a year.
Otherwise, there was a special offer for the PRO 3 model at a price of 177 euros, which was a really great price. It's a pity that the manufacturer's approach to complaints.


NFC payments are finally without problems. I have Ticwatch Pro 2020 and my friend Ticwatch Pro 3 and both without any problems


Hello. Did you get an official update for Ticwatch Pro 2020 or did it start working automatically?


Gogle Pay has been officially running on SK for a few months now.


I recommend, navexplorer, which creates an ftp connection, has proved its worth for copying mp3s, but I can't disable the backlight of the secondary display so that it doesn't turn on at night


Don't have another coupon for this watch? This one doesn't work.


The sales are over, there are currently no coupons. We expect a new April to be made, but still nothing.


it is 2023 and there is still no update to WEAR OS 3.0 🙁