These are the new Slovak Post fees for packages from China
Shopping from China

Updated: These are the new Slovak Post fees for packages from China and other countries from July 2021

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  1. Tomas writes:

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Jano writes:

    In my opinion, Slovenská pošta had enough time to come up with some sensible solution for the application of the new rules for the taxation of low-value consignments, but unfortunately this did not happen. I was interested in 3 different scenarios of customs procedures, in which the consignee cannot basically know in advance exactly which scenario will occur and thus how much he will ultimately pay for the goods or whether it pays to order them or not. Of course, Slovenská pošta offers the possibility to refuse its services as an intermediary in customs proceedings and has the audacity to ask for a fee. At the same time, it set conditions for the refusal of the intermediary's service in such a way as to minimize the decrease in future income from this business activity. As far as the form "expression of disagreement" is concerned, I do not see the consent of the person concerned (addressee) with the processing of personal data, which probably does not bother anyone either.

  3. Martin writes:

    So currently 2 EUR to 4 EUR (via Post Office)… or alone for 4 EUR. Super business for SP.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Yes, unfortunately it is so…

  4. Martin M writes:

    So it is with forgiveness of a good mess and we can only pray that the Czech Post will not be inspired. Somehow I don't understand what the fee is for. VAT is paid, paid. For the sake of postage, he gets paid for nothing he said to the house.

  5. Jack Ma writes:

    EU legislation does not apply to Slovak Post? Slovenská pošta should receive a high fine for firing.

    "IOSS mediates the declaration and payment of VAT for sellers who sell imported goods at a distance for buyers in the EU. IOSS also facilitates this process for the BUYER, who PAYS THE GOODS AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE, THEREFORE, THERE WILL NOT BE AT RISK OF AN SURPRISING FEES. If the seller is not registered in the IOSS, the buyer is obliged to pay VAT and usually the customs clearance fee charged by the carrier at the time of importation of the goods into the EU. "


  6. erik writes:

    Does anyone know if I have a Czech similar firing fee as the Slovak post 4eur? (I write 4eur, because until I receive an order from the act, it will be a generous discount of 2eur, but 4eur from 1.9.2021)
    Resp, Austria me?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello, we can't say 100%, but the Czech Republic probably doesn't have such fees.

  7. erik writes:

    Beware of the blockbuster too - I paid for aliexpress for dollars, but VAT came to me in euros, foreign… 20usd goods burned 4eur VAT. chory system toto

  8. Martin M writes:

    For Erik: the collection of VAT in the Czech Republic has not yet been put into practice, so as far as C.posty is concerned, it is not possible to say yet if you did not invent a similar fee. However, I found a text on Ali's website, which does not mean that the shipment will be handled by the logistics company q so the SVK oosta would just duplicate it already done Text here: For European buyers, IOSS will be updated in the store on July 1. Our logistics company can handle VAT or taxes by post (Economy Mail: 1. Cainiao Super Economy, 2. Cainiao Super Economy Global, 3. Cainiao Expedited Economy, 4. Cainiao Super Economy for Special Goods, 5. China Post Ordinary Small Package , 6. SunYou Special Economy, 7. YANWEN Special Economy.Recommended Mail: 1. AliExpress Saver Shipping, 2. AliExpress Standard Shipping, 3. Cainiao Standard for Special Goods, 4. China Post Registered Air Mail, 5. YANWEN Special Standard Fast express: 1. AliExpress Premium Shipping) Other shipments such as E-packets, DHL, UPS etc. They must offer information to prevent re-taxation.

  9. Jozef writes:

    The first possibility is that you do not express disagreement with the use of Slovenská pošta's services, when the post office will try to file a customs declaration in an automated manner, without the intervention of a post office employee. In this case, you will pay a fee of 2 € with VAT. However, the condition is that the post office will have all the necessary information from the transport company or the sending post office. However, it is not known exactly what this information must contain. Then the assessed VAT (VAT for the goods themselves) will be paid by the customer upon receipt of the shipment.

    Can I ask about the part of the VAT payment when taking over the shipment, what does it mean when I have already paid VAT (Tax) to the seller?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Therefore, it means nothing to you, if you have already paid VAT at the seller, he will handle it for you.

  10. Eva writes:

    Hi, you can't advise me. I have ordered shipments from Aliexpress since May, during which he writes that they have been in Slovakia since June. Now I received the first shipment from customs, of course, with VAT + 2 €. Only my arrival in Slovakia shows me 3.6. The post office claims that the consignments in question are not tracked on the way to SK. It is said that the expected delivery dates are calculated in the trackers, which are calculated by some algorithms, and this shipment of mine reached SK up to 2.7. The delivery number of my shipment is LP00447722287377 and I also tracked it via Track24. I'm not sure if that's what they say. I need to confirm this from another source. I don't trust the mail very much 🙂.

  11. Zdeno writes:

    I would be able to perfect this way of earning fees. E.g. you go to Tesco to buy 3 rolls. You expect it to cost you about 24 cents. However, the lady at the cash register will ask you for a 2 euro fee, because the summary of the purchase must be sent to the financial report. But if you are min. 48 hours before the purchase, they sent Tesco a written proof that you will use the self-service cash register, you will pay a EUR 3 fee for the use of the storage space. And if SBSkár accidentally checks you to see if you have posted everything, you will pay another 2 euros for this check. Vivat Slovakia.

  12. Martin M writes:

    Just a short info for any Czech buyers. Balik from China, Banggood Express transport. Everything through Zasilkovna, imported from home. Without any participation Czech posts. Thumbs up for me.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Yes, this is how it works with delivery to Slovakia, they do not use SK mail at all. In addition, the package arrived without payment of VAT and customs duties. Excellent. 🙂

  13. Marta writes:

    according to the customs office itself, my package was in stock 7.7 and I received a letter from the customs office 2.8. I paid words for 10,76 the value of the package. post 9 euros and VAT 1,08 euros. That is outrageous. someone should take the SP to court. Before the customs officers intercepted an order and invited me to present proof of the value of the goods, I documented them and paid their fee and VAT if it was over 22 euros. He is now licking cream SP. At the same time, postmen have nothing to do, shelves yawn empty and so do post offices.

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