Record price 22,8 € for Wi-Fi version! The most requested thermostatic heads from MoesHouse: No gateway, mechanical control and solid metal thread | China Planet
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Record price 22,8 € for Wi-Fi version! The most requested thermostatic heads from MoesHouse: Without gateway, mechanical control and solid metal thread

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Hello, will it be able to pair with the Aqara hub?


No, only with a Zigbee hub.


What kind of answer is that? Zigbee is a protocol, Aquara hub also has it.
But it won't work, you need a hub and an app from the manufacturer of that head.


What should that answer be? Correct answer. In the article, the hubs are linked, which are named Zigbee 3.0. So what else to call them? AliExpress refers to them as Zigbee hubs. In addition to Moes, they are also produced by other Chinese no-name manufacturers.


I have Moes heads, two different types of WiFi TRV 603 and 604, they work, but the problem is that they do not show the temperature in the room accurately, I have a thermometer on the table and the corrections run as I want, I set the deviation according to the external thermometer and on the second day it is still not accurate, it needs to be corrected again so that it measures correctly. To tell the truth, this is getting on my nerves, I'm thinking about putting them away and bringing back the floods. If it were possible to pair it with some external Tuya thermometer, it would work, this one, when it measures directly on the head immediately on the radiator, can never measure it accurately. Heat simply goes from the radiator and it distorts the overall temperature on the head.


Can Slovak be set like on the older heads? I can't figure it out like 🤣


I would be worried about Wi-Fi, whether the reliability of the communication in the panels and also the battery will last.
Furthermore, the inability to combine automation with sensors other than those of the manufacturer, if any at all...


Automation works, we tried it in the review. You can normally make scenes with the Wi-Fi version as well. You need to study it first before you start writing something like this.


I would never put it on, you also need valves, that should be mentioned. When it goes wrong, there are only problems and you have to keep one valve without a head. The flow will be better