Teclast F15 Plus has a thickness of only 7 mm and 8 + 256 GB of memory
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Even lower price in CZ warehouse: Teclast F15 Plus is a 15,6″ extra-thin laptop with Intel Gemini Lake, 8 + 256 GB, large keyboard

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Would you be able to get coupons for mid-range laptops (something with an i3 or i5 or AMD equivalent)? Either you offer a purely low-end with Celerons or other weak processors suitable only for office work, or you have a gaming laptop where the price is very high.


We can look at what is on offer, but from the Chinese, only this lower class is worth it, or they don't even have many offers for quality middle class. If we then talk about gaming laptops, then yes, they tend to be more expensive - they are not worth it.