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A quality meter with a laser from Daniu has a range of 30 m and a favorable coupon in the CZ warehouse

While we are staying more at home, many people will certainly have the opportunity to fix or do something. This often includes the need for measurement, which makes this Daniu laser meter a perfect fit. However, in addition to laser light, it also contains a classic measuring tape…

The Daniu digital caliper has an LCD display and is available in the EU stock with a coupon

The time spent at home during this period is a challenge for many to carry out projects for which they have not yet had time. Many people turn into do-it-yourselfers and start extensive but also smaller remodels. In such work, focused mainly on accuracy, you ti

Daniu digital microscope has 1000x zoom, Full HD resolution and low cost

In many industries, small details or components are used. Then you need to use zoom tools, which are often not practical or convenient. However, the manufacturer Daniu brings a solution in the form of a digital microscope that you will fall in love with. Price and availability of Daniu digital microscope is…