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The Convoy C8 + SST40 flashlight hides great power in its compact dimensions. It does not cost even € 20

The Convoy C8+ SST40 flashlight offers a really high brightness and range for its compact dimensions. In addition, it is made of high quality and has a low price. The favorable price tag Convoy C8+ SST40 flashlight is available from a proven international seller Banggood. Thanks to the presence of…

Black Friday: Convoy S2 + SST20 is tiny, but a powerful LED flashlight made of aluminum alloy for 13 €

The Convoy brand has a well-deserved place in the portfolio of a well-known Chinese retailer. The brand offers a wide range of LED batteries from robust to compact. Today we will present a smaller, but handy model Convoy S2 + SST20. Bargain coupon price In case you have this handy…

Convoy L6 XHP70 is a robust LED flashlight with a power of up to 3800 lm, after 500 m and a surprising price

The Convoy brand is probably not one that everyone knows. However, it is a traditional Chinese brand at our retailer, which has a large number of batteries and their accessories in its portfolio. This time we bring you a coupon for a high quality LED flashlight Convoy L6…

These are 7 powerful LED flashlights with cenami up to €40. The best of them with an afterglow of up to 875 meters

Having a proper flashlight at home is never a bad thing. However, such performance is often associated with high prices in stores in Slovakia, but this does not apply to these following products. They have excellent luminosity and afterglow properties and do not cost much at all. This…

Convoy S11 Titanium is a small LED flashlight with a proper brightness of 2500 lm. It has a great price

When it comes to work batteries, their ideal properties are sufficient brightness, massive construction and good endurance. Today we will present a model called Convoy S11, which should fulfill the just mentioned features. Missing discount coupon If you want to buy a job pracov