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Sellers at AliExpress have started circumventing VAT on goods over € 150. This is how it works

The new reform from the European Union regarding compulsory VAT for all products from third countries has not pleased anyone. At AliExpress, everything became more expensive by 20% (as far as Slovakia is concerned) and the fees of the Slovak Post for customs proceedings were also added. Dealers on…

How to save on VAT and not deal with customs procedures for purchases from China from July 2021?

We have already informed you in several articles about the new amendment to the law, which will enter into force in a few days. The conditions for importing goods from third countries are changing, including China, from which we all like to buy. In this article…

Will cheap shopping from China end in 2021? We figured out how it would all work for the new

If you get used to shopping from Chinese e-shops, you have certainly already captured information about the amendment to the Customs Procedure Act, which will regulate the conditions for the import of goods from countries that do not belong to the European Union. We have already informed you about the changes, but this time…

Purchases from China in 2021: How will it be with packages ordered earlier, but they did not have time to be delivered by 1.7.2021?

You have certainly heard something about the amendment to the law from the European Union, which concerns the customs procedure for goods with a value of less than € 22. The new law for cheap shipments will come into force on July 1.7.2021, XNUMX, which we informed about in a comprehensive article.