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The Proscenic A9 smart air purifier cleans a 55 m3 room, is quiet, has an app

The popular Chinese company Proscenic also offers in its portfolio this practical smart air purifier with the name Proscenic A9. The equipment includes control via a mobile application, an LCD display or coverage of a room with an area of ​​up to 55 m³. Better price with Smart coupon...

The price crash of 79 € for €48! BlitzHome BH-AP2501 is the latest air purifier with triple filtration, app delivery within a week

Na Banggoode you will also find this partner brand BlitzHome, which produces smart products for the home. For example, the BlitzHome BH-AP2501 air purifier, which also offers triple filtering or connection to a mobile application. Brutal discount from Banggoodat BlitzHome…

The compact BlitzWolf BW-TAP1 air purifier has its own faucet, 3-layer filtration and a great price with a coupon

In today's article, we will introduce a quality but affordable gadget that can become part of your smart home. The Chinese company BlitzWolf brings its new and compact air purifier called BlitzWolf BW-TAP1. Has its own integrated battery, 3-layer air filtration…