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BlitzWolf BW-AP1 is a small, silent smart air purifier for an area of ​​30 m2, it has an app and a new coupon price

BlitzWolf BW-AP1 is an intelligent air purifier that has smart functions thanks to the connection with the mobile application. Its efficiency is 220 m³ / h, the noise level is only 36 dB and it will help not only allergy sufferers, but also more sensitive people to breathe better. Removes smoke, pollen,…

Great price under € 85: Smart BlitzWolf BW-AP2 produces up to 300 mXNUMX of clean air per hour

BlitzWolf BW-AP2 is a new, intelligent air purifier with an efficiency of 300 m3 / h, an advanced filtration system and smart functions. Effectively removes dust, smoke, pollen and other impurities from the air. It is thus an ideal companion for all allergy sufferers. Record price in CZ stock Intelligent…