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The Letv brand comes to life. The parameters of their new model Letv S1 have appeared

The Letv brand recently announced its return to the electronics market. It started with TVs and after a long pause, a new smartphone came next. It is called Letv S1 and its price tag was set at a very pleasant 214 euros. Smartphone parameters…

These are the most powerful Chinese smartphones for November 2020

AnTuTu is a well-known brand when it comes to testing the performance of mobile devices. Today we will imagine the ranking of those who achieved the highest score. These are the most powerful Chinese smartphones for November 2020. The most powerful Chinese smartphones: Huawei leader The leader in the current ranking is the flagship smartphone…

These are 7 Chinese smartphones with the longest battery life. Among them is the field with 6150 mAh

The issue of endurance is often one of the decisive factors when choosing a new smartphone. That's why we decided to introduce the best Chinese smartphones with a battery capacity of more than 5000 mAh and an affordable price. Surely you already know some smartphones from Xiaomi or Huawei,…