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iMars C20 is a 45 W car refrigerator. It is also controlled via the app, cools down to -20 ° C and has a surprising price

iMars has already brought us some interesting products in the car. Another of them is the new iMars C20 refrigerator, which is also compatible with a 12 V input, so you can also use it in a car. It has a capacity of 20 l, control via application cooling to…

You can also connect this Audew 10 L refrigerator to a car, it has an LCD display, low weight and availability in CZ stock

Introducing the compact, portable Audew 10 L refrigerator at a great price. It has an LCD display that shows the temperature, and thanks to its low weight and small size, you can take it with you to the car, where you can connect it to a 12 V input.