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OnePlus Buds wireless headphones have a beautiful design, 30 days endurance or noise reduction. Discount in EU warehouse

In addition to the new Nord smartphone, OnePlus recently introduced the new OnePlus Buds wireless headphones, which are to compete with Apple AirPods. It's only been more than a week after the show and they've already appeared at an international retailer at a much lower price than the official one.

New flagship OnePlus wireless headphones are coming. Here is their first teaser

OnePlus shocked the public not only with its cheap OnePlus Buds wireless headphones, but also with their tragicomic detention at US customs. The local security forces considered them to be fake Apple Airpods and detained a van containing OnePlus headphones. However, the Chinese producer…

OnePlus Buds will arrive on July 21st. Appearance news and specifications were revealed

We recently announced in an article about the new OnePlus Buds from OnePlus. In addition to the name or date of the announcement, we also learned some new information regarding specifications and appearance. The unveiling on July 21 OnePlus recently shared with us its…