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Android tablet BMAX i10 impresses with a thickness of only 9 mm, 8-core processor, Dual SIM or USB-C

If you are looking for a tablet for office work, browsing the Internet and watching movies, we have a great recommendation for you. The BMAX i10 tablet meets all these requirements and we have an advantageous offer for you. Great price on European stock Tablet is available right now…

New coupon: The BMAX S13 notebook offers a great Full HD display, 128 GB SSD or 8 GB RAM

BMAX has a laptop in its portfolio with a great price-performance ratio, which is currently at a discount. The BMAX S13 laptop offers a 13,3 ″ display, a large 10 mAh battery, or a fast up to 000 GB SSD. All under price…

BMAX B4 Pro is a mini computer with 8 GB RAM or the possibility of three monitors. It costs under € 280 in CZ stock

There are many benefits to portable mini computers. The biggest of them is just the compact size, thanks to which it is not a problem to take a PC on the road, on vacation or just to the office and back. For smaller computers, however, there is a problem of poorer performance, but this BMAX…