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Brutal 133 € coupon: BlitzHome BH-CMM5 is a solid lever coffee machine with a grinder, milk frother and a pressure of 20 bar

BlitzHome BH-CMM5 is coming to the market as a cheaper alternative for lever coffee machines. Those with a grinder and frothing milk go to our local stores from around € 360, but BlitzWolf has pushed the price tag below the incredible € 250. It has a sufficient pressure of up to 20 bar to obtain…

New coupons: BlitzHome BH-AF5 hot air 2 L fryer has 360 ° heat circulation, Wi-Fi and application control

BlitzHome is a new brand that has separated from the original BlitzWolf brand, which is backed by the well-known e-shop This brand focuses on smart home products, and our article today is no exception. New 5-liter fryer called BlitzHome BH-AF2…