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In SK 1099 €, with our coupon 859 €! Teverun Blade Mini Pro in EU warehouse: 2 x 500 W motor, Minimotors display, NFC or speed of 55 km/h

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The orange-black Blade GT II+ missile has a power of 3000 W, a 60 V 35 Ah LG battery and a speed of 85 km/h

There are quite a large number of powerful electric scooters on the market. The main attraction of these models is above all performance, but that is not enough for maximum driving pleasure. A perfect interplay of all components is essential. Just the Blade GT scooter, from the workshop...

Coupon in the EU warehouse! Teverun Fighter 11+ has a power of up to 5000 W, a 35 Ah LG battery, an app and a maximum speed of 85 km/h

Those who are interested in the world of electric scooters are certainly familiar with the brand Dualthrone. Dualtron is a manufacturer of electric scooters with many years of experience, which he turned into reality in the form of high-quality machines with almost unrivaled equipment. By sub-brand Dualthe throne is produced by Teverun. The Teverun brand...