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Great price 775 €: The unique Fiido D11 folding bike has a battery in the seat, quality construction, a range of 80 km and a coupon in the EU stock

Electromobility has seen a steady increase in recent years. The manufacturer Fiido took advantage of this and created a great position in the market of electric bicycles. They continue to do so with the Fiido D11. 🔥 Follow news from China Planet on Facebook and Instagram. New model,…

Laotie FT5 is a folding electric fatbike with an output of 500 W, a range of 90 km, full suspension or a discount in CZ stock

If you live in a bigger city, you know how annoying it is to get to work or just move around the city by car when it's rush hour. Many times behind the wheel you say that you would rather get to the place sooner…