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Unique Fiido D11 folding bike with a surprising price: It has a battery in the seat, high-quality construction and a range of 80 km

Electromobility has seen a tremendous increase in recent years. The manufacturer Fiido took advantage of this and created a great position in the electric bicycle market. With the Fiido D11, they continue to do so. The Fiido D11 model has a great range of up to 100 km, a 250 W motor...

Laotie FT5 is a folding electric fatbike with 500 W power, 90 km range, full suspension or discount in CZ warehouse

Thanks to fan Tibor for providing photos to our article. Here you will find his Instagram profile. If you live in a bigger city, you know how annoying it is to get to work or just move around the city by car when it's rush hour. Many times…