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Very cheap wireless charger BlitzWolf BW-FWC7 has a power of 15 W and supports Xiaomi, Samsung or iPhone

Today we will introduce a very affordable product. It is a wireless charger BlitzWolf BW-FWC7. It offers power up to 15W, but also protection against other metal objects. The charger supports Xiaomi, Huawei or iPhone smartphones and others with the Qi standard. In addition, k…

The OnePlus Wireless Charger has 30 W, white, cooling and a discount coupon

Wireless charging technology is becoming more and more popular and slow, but it is certainly getting into non-flagship smartphones. OnePlus itself has its own model called the OnePlus Wireless Charger. The wireless charger from OnePlus is one of the simple and…

This digital alarm clock also has a 10 W wireless charger. It doesn't cost much

At Banggood we can see a lot of new cheap products and this one is among the more creative ones. It is a wireless charger and digital clock, respectively. alarm clock in one. Price and delivery This piece, available from an international Banggood retailer, is very affordable. With our…