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The Astrolux MF05 has an incredible afterglow of 3 km, a force of 2 cd and fan cooling

Astrolux has several LED luminaires in its portfolio and focuses on common consumer as well as professional segments. Astrolux MF05 with SBT90.2 LED light is one of the professional flashlights suitable for large search events. It has an incredible afterglow up to 3162…

Realme is preparing a smartphone with the highest capacity from its portfolio. It reaches a respectable 6 mAh

A few years ago, you certainly wouldn't have said that in such a relatively short time, we will see smartphones with such large battery capacities as we see today. Today's standard is a quiet battery with 4 to 000 mAh. Increase something…

The top five Chinese smartphone manufacturers are testing 120 W charging technology. It will soon be a reality

Over the years, various battery charging technologies have been developed along with smartphone hardware and software. Over time, mobile phone charging speeds have shifted from a few hours to literally just a few minutes. The idea of ​​this speed is probably already us…