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Best Replacements for Youtube Vanced: NewPipe, SkyTube, LibreTube, and more

The popular YouTube video ad blocking service has terminated. It announced this to its users on the Discord server and has already downloaded links to its application from the official website. These are the best free replacements in the form of NewPipe applications,…

Spotify tests the new design of the song library and starts sharing lyrics

The popular Spotify application for streaming music and podcasts brings a new design of the song library as well as sharing the lyrics of individual songs. We also have the first photos of the new design line of the application. Spotify: New Spotify song library design as one of the most popular mobile applications…

Malware was found in the Google Play store and reached millions of devices. 17 applications removed

Probably every one of us knows Google Play. It is a platform from which users of smartphones with the Android operating system download various applications. However, such diversity can also lead to the occurrence of malicious applications. 🔥 Follow news from China Planet on Facebook…