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AOVOPRO M365 Pro is a city scooter for €254. It has 350 W, a range of 35 km, a 10,5 Ah battery and 8,5″ wheels

On our technology portal China Planet in addition to interesting news from the technological world, we regularly bring useful tips on quality products at excellent prices. This article is no exception, in which we present the electric scooter AOVOPRO M365 Pro. AOVOPRO M365…

AOVO M365 Pro is an ultra-cheap clone of the Xiaomi scooter. It has a 350 W motor, a range of up to 40 km and a folding mechanism

Electric scooters are currently one of the most popular forms of transport. They achieve their great success thanks to their features, which make them an efficient, fast, fun and relatively inexpensive mode of transport. In this article we will introduce you to one of the cheapest electric…