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Ranking of the most powerful smartphones for the month of October from AnTuT: Mate 40 Pro reigns

Right from the beginning of the new month, we have the statistics of the best smartphones for the last month - October. How did smartphones turn out in the AnTuTu rankings? AnTuTu ranking is dominated by Huawei Mate 40 Pro Just a few days after the start of the new month, we have new ones again,…

The most powerful Chinese smartphones according to AnTuTu per month september 2020. First place surprises

We have another new AnTuT Benchmark ranking for last month - september. This time, he will show us the most powerful flagship smartphones and also smartphones of the upper middle class. The first place in the AnTuTu ranking will surprise After 2 weeks of the current month, the AnTuTu ranking was…

These are the best mid-range flagships and smartphones according to the AnTuTu Benchmark for June 2020

AnTuTu Benchmark has regularly provided a numerical representation of the performance of our smartphones for a very long time. Every month we will see a list of the most powerful devices. In June 2020, the ranking was dominated by these flagships, respectively the next ten middle-class models. Flag models dominate the rankings…