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Carlinkit has a "TV box" for the car: Android Auto or CarPlay adds wireless connection, Netflix or split screen

Carlinkit, a well-known manufacturer of wireless adapters for connecting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to vehicles, brings its latest product, which is a kind of "TV box" for cars. You will find the Carlinkit AI box in the basket with three discounts, it is available at a verified seller on...

The best news from the upcoming Android 12: New UI and better privacy settings

Google is preparing its operating system in the Android 12 version. We already know about improvements in the user environment, as well as news in terms of privacy and security. This is a clear list of the most important known improvements. Android 12: New user interface design…

This is how the new Android 12 will look like. It should have a much cleaner design that you will have to get used to

If you are not currently using a smartphone from the production of the American giant, your device is most likely running on the Android operating system. Currently, the eleventh generation is the latest, but there are slow leaks in connection with the successor in the form of Android 12. Google during the development of the new generation…