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ADO A20 is a folding e-bike with a range of up to 80 km and 35 km / h. The Czech warehouse will pleasantly surprise you with its price

The season of electric scooters and bicycles is in full swing and they are currently in great demand. If you want to make your way to work easier or just drive without physical effort, be sure to check out this interesting folding bike…

[REVIEW] ADO A20 is an electric folding bike with a decent range and a speed of 35 km / h

The ADO A20 is an electric folding bike that we had the opportunity to test. This is a novelty from the ADO (A Dece Oasis) brand. It offers a 350 W motor, good range and a maximum speed of 35 km / h. We tested it in detail in the editorial office and we use it…