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BlitzWolf AirAux AA-SAR3 is a great 120 W TV soundbar with subwoofer, Bluetooth and a price under 100 €

The Chinese manufacturer BlitzWolf brings a novelty in the form of a 120 W sound bar BlitzWolf AirAux AA-SAR3. This model also includes a subwoofer, offers Bluetooth technology and a surprisingly low price. Bargain again Are you considering buying a new sound bar called BlitzWolf AirAux AA-SAR3? In that case, you

Baseus has an extremely powerful 120 W GaN adapter, with which you can also charge your laptop. Great price in EU stock

Spoločnosť Baseus offers a wide range of accessories. Today we imagine an executive Baseus 120W GaN adapter with which you can also charge a gaming laptop. Currently, a convenient discount coupon is also available. Fast delivery from Spain Adapter Baseus 120W GaN adapter offered by Basesus dealer…