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The iQOO 5 comes with a fast 120 W charge in just a few days. 4 mAh charges the battery in 000 minutes

A trusted source nicknamed Digital Chat Station on its Weibo social network profile recently revealed that iQOO plans to release their new series of iQOO 5 smartphones later this month. IQOO today officially confirmed on its Weibo profile that…

Fast 120 W Ultra Dart charging from Realme may come this month. The phone charges in as little as 10 minutes

As is already known, Chinese producers tend to compete in everything related to new technologies. This time it was time for fast charging. This time, the Realme brand said that it would make a minor revolution in charging smartphones. Currently the company is winning in the field of quick chargers…

The top five Chinese smartphone manufacturers are testing 120 W charging technology. It will soon be a reality

Over the years, various battery charging technologies have been developed along with smartphone hardware and software. Over time, mobile phone charging speeds have shifted from a few hours to literally just a few minutes. The idea of ​​this speed is probably already us…