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Flexible solar panels from the EU warehouse with historical cenami. They will save money and you can also use them on the road

The Dokio brand brings such affordable solar panels that will help you save money on high electricity prices. They are especially useful now in times of energy crisis. You can use them at home, but also, for example, on the road or while camping. Perfect sale prices…

8-port Baseus The USB-C hub can handle a 4K 60 Hz image via HDMI or fast 100 W charging

A well-known Chinese electronics manufacturer Baseus has a countless number of products in its portfolio that can boast an excellent price-quality ratio. One of them is this multi-port USB-C hub, which will expand the interface of your laptop. Here you will find support up to 100 W...

Elecjet introduced the world's fastest graphene power bank with 100 W charging. The phone charges in 27 minutes

Do you need fast charging on the go? In that case, you will be pleased with the upcoming 100 W power bank from the Elecjet brand with a capacity of 10 mAh. It is currently part of a campaign on Indiegogo, a well-known crowdfunding platform. Elecjet: 000 mAh and two-sided power 10…