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MagSafe power bank for iPhone 12, 13 and 14 with a capacity of 10 mAh holds on the back wall, coupon in EU warehouse

The Hinovo brand brings a great gadget in the form of a MagSafe power bank for iPhones compatible with this technology. The power bank itself has a capacity of 10 mAh and thanks to MagSafe technology, it can be magnetically attached to the back wall of your iPhone. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it…

BlitzWolf BW-P12 is a power bank with a capacity of 10 mAh, LED display and fast charging for 000 €

The BlitzWolf brand is known for its gadgets of various orientations, while offering excellent value for money. This time it brings to the market the BlitzWolf BW-P12 power bank, which for its price brings great functions and especially very compact dimensions. Low price with delivery in a few days Online retailer…