Elsewhere it costs over € 400, here only for € 169! Stand-up paddleboard in EU warehouse
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WOWSPEED Stand-up paddleboard for a record €159! It has a nice blue color and is comparable to models for €400

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  1. Martin Škorupa writes:

    So I was looking forward and the code didn't work. It gives me a "wrong promo code"

    1. Frederik writes:

      We've updated the coupon.

  2. Vojta writes:

    Is the coupon also for the Czech Republic? It says a bad promo code 🙁

    1. Frederik writes:

      Please try now, we have updated the coupon.

  3. Jozef writes:

    Coupon does not work - Wrong promo code.

    1. Frederik writes:

      We've updated the coupon.

  4. Ali writes:

    Ordered and works, even the price of 168,81 at a discount

  5. Vojtech writes:

    "Does not meet the conditions" I tried all variants

  6. Vojtech writes:

    So the coupon only works for sending to Slovakia, the coupon is not valid for the Czech Republic

    1. Frederik writes:

      We have already equipped the coupon for the Czech Republic as well. In the price box you will find a new coupon for you as well. 😉

  7. Lubor writes:

    Hello, do you not know how much the SUP itself weighs?

  8. Martin writes:

    Hello, the discount code does not work 🙁

    1. Frederik writes:

      It's already working. 🙂

  9. Jozef writes:

    Good day,

    I want to ask, is it two-chamber or single-chamber.

    Thank you for your response

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello, the manufacturer does not write it anywhere, but this will probably be unicameral.

  10. Karol writes:

    And it came to someone? What is the quality? Thank you K

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. A few fans have already given us feedback on Facebook, he also came. Everyone praised him and the quality is very good! The best you can get for that price. You will find it in the comments some feedback.

  11. Aurel writes:

    I tried it for the first time today. It arrived in about a week. He's fine. It holds the direction well (it has 3 fins), if a person does not have special requirements, there is no point in buying more expensive ones.

  12. Jakub writes:

    It says wrong promotional code

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, this coupon is valid for the Czech Republic: AE517593DA37

  13. Peter writes:

    Hello, it keeps telling me that it doesn't want to accept the payment, everything is fine with the bank and the money. Thanks for advice

    1. Frederik writes:

      Good day. Several people have already had this problem, you have to pay via PayPal, then it will go smoothly.

  14. Luboš writes:

    Good day,
    Promotional code no longer works.
    (the promo code has reached the maximum number for use)

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello, we have now tried the coupon and it still works (even for the graffiti variation).

  15. Peter writes:

    ...does the promo code work?

    1. Frederik writes:


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