UTRAI Jstar 5 is a brutal starting 24 mAh power bank in the EU warehouse
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Sale discount: The UTRAI Jstar 5 starter power bank replaces both the compressor and the light, has up to 24 mAh and a current of 000 A

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  1. Ján writes:

    I have been using this for 1,5 years, I drive in the trunk of the car, I park outside. In the first winter, from October to March, capacity dropped spontaneously to only 93%. What I had before was self-evolving in 2 months.
    It is expensive, but the quality of the battery is above standard. I mostly use it for inflating the wheels, once also for starting, although "only" the petrol two-liter, but it took care of without any problems.
    The packaging is just fine and beautiful, just a little big, it takes up a lot of space, otherwise 100% satisfaction.

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