Soundcore Motion The X600 is the latest premium speaker from the well-known brand
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New prices for the speaker Soundcore Motion X600: Beautiful design, 3 colors and incredibly clear sound

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in my opinion, there is no chance of sales success when their own much better, more powerful 80w competitor soundcore motion boom plus costs less..currently 139e per coupon, I think you also have it on offer here on your website... ...this 50w novelty will go down in price quickly, because it falls perfectly below it, it is currently more expensive because it is an absolute novelty... I'm guessing in a short time it will fall somewhere around the 100e threshold per coupon, that would be such an adequate price for this model, that much at least for me, of course I do not reduce its quality and capabilities by this.. it is also a beautiful piece in terms of design..


in addition, there is, for example, a tronsmart bang for 74e, and you offer it in your sale, 60w, or 10w more.. and for half the price, or practically for the price of the X600, I have 2x Bang.. or even this is worth asking why the X600 has such bass quality and it sounds like it's worth it and I want twice as much for it.. hmm


Soundcore products can hardly be compared with Tronsmart. They are qualitatively completely different.


yes, but as I wrote above, its own competition is killing it in terms of price, motion boom plus goes for 139e per coupon, is this much less efficient and more expensive? probably the material does a lot.. the premium metal + design probably increase the price.. .. ok tronsmart I have a force max 80w at home, I even bought two in a pair.. but I'll probably get rid of it.. the brands are really important elsewhere.. too anker (soundcore) whether Tribit or what I bought recently on the advice of a long-time sound reviewer, the professional Oluva brand Earfun U-Boom L, which he himself recommends on YouTube in his videos almost everywhere. .. both bass and sound quality.. like unreal! the 30W at Tronsmart is clearly a fake on paper, in reality it is miles away from the real 80w, maybe 80-80 max .. similar to the fake wattages at Xdobo, Blitzwolf and under Chinese brands .. usual Chinese spinners it sucks 🙁 I don't fly anymore, I can't get caught


I hope you understand that Watts do not really determine the quality of a reprak. Motion Boom can make more noise, but that does not mean that the game is better.


to Jan: so you want to tell me that the motion X600 is better, better, and more efficient than the motion boom plus? what do you understand and mean by the term "quality of reprak"? if you mean the materials, yes, the X600 is a better speaker.. in this respect, yes, watts do not determine the quality of the speaker, but they determine the quality of reproduction and performance, and that is significantly and clearly better with the motion boom plus.. see the direct comparison videos of these speakers on YouTube and understand. .the fact that watts do not determine the quality of reproduction and performance applies precisely to things like tronsmart, or xdobo, blitzwolf, etc.