LiFePO4 solar batteries on AliExpress at unbeatable prices
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You will save over €740: Photovoltaic LiFePO4 batteries at unbeatable prices on AliExpress, they can also be connected in series

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  1. Andreas writes:

    So which one will buy it?:-D

  2. Lubo writes:

    Be careful, Liitokala tends to sell used articles that are not perfect.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Greetings. Do you have personal experience with this brand? How do you know about used articles?

  3. Aliexpress fake shop writes:

    I already ordered the batteries from aliexpress and until today neither the money nor the batteries. I created a case both in the bank and on aliexpress. The fraudster entered a tracking number that can be tracked on I have to send a statement from AliExpress as proof that the package was not sent to me!!! You understand correctly :))) they don't need to document customs clearance, the signature of who took it over... they don't need that at all, just a fake tracking number.
    The proof was an email to the financial administration so that they could comment.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Greetings. It is necessary to choose sellers who are verified. We have chosen an official seller of the brand, which has positive reviews for the transport and also for the batteries themselves. You have to pay attention to Ali and don't order from just any seller. The financial report will have absolutely no impact on the Chinese.

  4. Martin writes:

    I also want to order 4 pieces but I'm still hesitating

  5. Marti writes:

    Can anyone advise me about BMS lithium batteries? They trysim

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