Slovenská pošta and the new agreement with AliExpress and Wish: Frequently asked questions
Shopping from China

You need to know this if you are shopping from China: We asked Slovenská pošta how the new agreement with Aliexpress will work

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  1. Jana writes:

    Packages from China will be duty free, and when your family sends you a package from abroad, I paid duty as it really is weird regulations

  2. Milan writes:

    And what about China Post Registered Air Mail? Because of those answers, it's not very clear.

    1. Frederik writes:

      It is not clear, so we wrote that we continue to recommend already verified transports. But the agreement covers the entire AliExpress platform, and then it shouldn't depend on transportation.

  3. Stanislav writes:

    You have the experience that Cainiao Super Economy Global delivers courier directly and at no extra charge.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Yes, all transport from Cainiao.

  4. Jan writes:

    What about standard shipping?
    If I order a mobile phone for 200e and write from the price includes VAT, will I pay extra?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Yes. When ordering from a Chinese warehouse over € 150, tax is deducted and the package will then be stopped at customs, due to additional payment of duty. They will then charge you extra VAT there.

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