AliExpress resellers circumvent unnecessary VAT: This way you save 20%
Shopping from China

Sellers at AliExpress have started circumventing VAT on goods over € 150. This is how it works

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  1. Vlado writes:

    I do not understand that:(
    In this example, purchases over 150EUR.

    Why would I order the vacuum cleaner from CN, when I can order it from PL for the same price and also without shipping fee.
    If the condition is that the goods must be in EU storage, then I will order them directly from the EU, why from the CN?
    What am I missing?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. The point is that AliExpress, as a marketplace / platform, does not automatically collect VAT (as referred to in the figure on VAT collection in this article) for products over € 150 from Chinese stocks. The seller is responsible for this and therefore in the basket, in the step before the actual payment of the order, where normally 20% VAT is added, resp. VAT of the country of delivery, the order "as if from Chinese warehouse will not be subject to VAT". If you order from an EU warehouse, AliExpress automatically collects VAT and you will not avoid a 20% price increase. With this trick, the seller will tell AliExpress that the goods are from a Chinese warehouse and it does not automatically apply the VAT item in the cart. Goods from the EU warehouse are not stopped at customs and therefore the customs and possibly the additional payment of VAT do not have to be resolved. We have already ordered a product from the EU warehouse from Aliexpress and it came to us at no extra charge.

  2. Janko writes:

    I agree, it's not clear to me either.

  3. Brian writes:

    Where can I guarantee that the seller will send it from an eu warehouse and not from China?

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