Samebike LO26 II is a 500 W mountain electric bike, we have the lowest price
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Samebike LO26 II in both 500W and 700W versions with great coupons, it's one of the cheapest electric mountain bikes

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  1. Samuel writes:

    When I click on use the discount for 860,26, it only links me to the basic version of the Samebike Lo26 II.

    1. Frederik writes:

      Sorry, we didn't see the current version on DHGate, it has been fixed.

  2. Margherita writes:

    Hello, on the manufacturer's website they say that they have a limit of 25 km/h for the EU version. Do you think it is possible to operate it here in the Czech Republic without registration? Thank you.

    1. Frederik writes:

      You don't have to register it at all.

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