Samebike 20LVXD30 is a city e-bike with 350W motor, we have a coupon

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Second best price! Samebike 20LVXD30 is a folding electric bike for the city with a range of 80 km or a speed of 35 km/h

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I've had it for the third year and it was a good choice for work and shopping. The problem was only with the battery connector, which was poorly soldered and came loose due to shocks. A fix for a few minutes. It can only be used in fully electric mode. You can't pedal over 15 km/h on that wheel, you'd get your feet tangled 😀. After unlocking and fully charged, it can reach 40 km/h. The suspension is, at least in my case, just for decoration. It has no effect. But for the money it's OK.


The spare part is a big problem, where will they specifically give me the address of the supplier of spare parts


The spare part will be sent to you directly by the seller.


I've been waiting a month for a spare part, but I haven't received a reply, I wouldn't order another bike, even considering the quality and workmanship. Can you give me your email address?


You can write to