Ridstar S29: Up to 1000 W electric bike with a range of 80 km and 21 speeds
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Ridstar S29 is a replacement for the previous bestseller from DUOTTS: Up to 1000 W electric bike with good range and 21 speeds

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hmm, well, I understand what is the improvement.. about 4 kg heavier, overall it has higher performance, but overall lower range (logically, because higher consumption due to a stronger engine), sooner they could have given 27 gears like the Randride YG90 had, for example, or a higher battery capacity this would mainly be an improvement, that the range would be higher, at least from 15 to 18Ah, and the 20 would be ideal, the power would be more than enough, 750w would be enough for convenience ..or finally hydraulics namia lot of those mechanical brakes, which are pretty useless... they just went in the wrong direction, they don't listen to what the customers want...

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Real range 30-35 km?? WTF? there will probably be some error in that table.. elsewhere and in the e-shop they write 80-100 km everywhere.. that would be terribly bad