Wanbo T6 Max Review: The best cheap projector you can buy

[REVIEW] Wanbo T6 Max: The best cheap Full HD LED projector you can buy in 2022

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  1. World writes:

    Hello, does the projector have a function that allows you to change the color setting when projecting on a wall color other than white? well thank you

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. Our editor didn't find any extra color settings, so he probably doesn't have that feature.

  2. Thomas writes:

    Hello, please, what is the lifespan of that projector lamp, because I did not find any mention of it anywhere ??

  3. Sam writes:

    This projector does not have Chromecast Built-in. I've purchased only to find out that it doesn't have that feature.
    You better fix it before others fall into the same trap.

    Other than that though it is a very good projector.

    1. Frederik writes:

      What are you talking about? We have written in the review, that this projector does not have Chromecast built in.

  4. Marian writes:

    I don't hear sound during playback after installing HBO MAX. Do you have any experience with this? What needs to be done to fix this error?

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