Moeshouse Tuya Thermostatic Head: A Review of a Great Gadget

[REVIEW] With the intelligent Moeshouse thermostatic head you can control the heating even through the application

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  1. Luke writes:

    Thanks for the review, the warheads look interesting, the price is good. I read in the evaluations that the temperature calibration should be done with the head removed, so that the temperature at the head is not affected by the temperature from the radiator. Although I don't know, because when placed back on the radiator, the heat from it must have an effect one way or another. Do you have the temperature on the head trebars with the temperature in the room? And one more thing, if I have a central remote control for smoking, then I need to leave it at 25 degrees. C and the temperature in the rooms will I regulate only the heads?

  2. Roman writes:

    Interesting thing, but…. if there is no hot water in the UK, then I have the head for two things :(.
    I am missing the boiler control unit (switching on / starting), the central control unit something like Honeywell EvoHome. Of course, I don't want to compare pears to apples, but to make sense, it would be great if the head
    she could also start a heating / boiler.

  3. Roman writes:

    Hey, I will regulate the head temperature in the room, but if the central thermostat is "hot" ie. switches off the heating, so the given head cannot start the heating / boiler in order to finish the given room if necessary.

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