[REVIEW] We tested the Dreame D9 robotic vacuum cleaner in detail

[REVIEW] The Dreame D9 robotic vacuum cleaner is a direct competitor to the popular Viomi SE. We subjected it to an editorial test.

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Good evening, we have this vacuum cleaner and we are satisfied with it. Since it is our first, I have nothing to compare it to, but we praise it very much. I just can't find replacement hepa filters for it yet. We are satisfied with the vacuuming, but sometimes the map goes crazy, but only when children get to it and start "playing" with it 😁.


I also have the detector. Everything is nice and beautiful. There's one minus to me. After reading the map, sharing the rooms and selecting only one room to go to the room, the diner finishes to this room, and the work also turns to communicating that the room has been finished and returns to the base. Back to the problem-free base. I read the map a few times, I shared the rooms and the same thing. I don't know what I'm talking about. Current software. Should you like this?