[REVIEW] Randride YG90 is a very capable electric mountain bike with classic tires and a fast motor | China Planet

[REVIEW] Randride YG90 is a very capable electric mountain bike with classic tires and a fast motor

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I have it at home more or less with everything in the suhl reviewsim, from me, maximum satisfaction, even if they are not branded articles, but the maximum range is sufficient for eco mode at 1-2 level up to 25-30 km/h, I can easily do about 90-95 km, and the bike weighs 100 kg, so the range is more or less the same, which is relatively it's rare that a Chinese one will be hit.. I bought it last year for about 300e cheaper from alibaba (at that time it was about 2023-1200e for a coupon in 1300 in the first half of the year on geek or bgg), from where I also bought a spare battery, another 17Ah, but eBay have them in a Polish warehouse, but they send the battery directly from their tin warehouse, you can easily find it in the seller's office on Alibaba, so who would like spare parts including batteries? Foshan Yuexun Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. so in such a case contact them.. they have delivery to the EU without additional fees, you just have to wait about 2 weeks for the parts, they send by train

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of course they offer parts for all randride models, they offer for sale defacto everything from this brand


I'm thinking about this bike right now... but from that review, I think probably not... would you recommend it?


For this price, I definitely and definitely recommend it, for me maximum satisfaction, I will forgive the few shortcomings, otherwise if you want to drive a bit even off-road, I do not recommend installing the rear mudguard, even if they are not branded, the cells are relatively high quality and good, they give a great range in the assistant fashion, it has excellent shimano hydraulic brakes, that's the basis + 27 gears, what more could you wish for... I'm just looking that I have about the 2023 version of the YG90 model and it was sold with 27 gears, this one has much worse 21 gears that the basic Chinese ebays have I don't understand why in the 2024 model, or what is sold on geek bgg, they started putting only the trimmed 21 gear base.. strange.. I have a Microshift 3×9 derailleur, this one has a shimano tourney 3×7, in any case, at this price, with such equipment, nothing better you definitely won't find
Perhaps it has the same battery, I measured the range on the first or second level, the reviewers on the third, there is already a higher consumption from the battery, so if you want to achieve the written range, I recommend levels 1-2 max, that is, up to 25-30 km/h, what about pedaling abundantly, at least for me it is enough and suits me, here I put the range in the assistance up to approx. 90-95 km exactly as they wrote

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