Ninebot MAX G30 Review: An almost perfect scooter for everyone

[REVIEW] We rode a Ninebot MAX G30 scooter for two months and we would buy it again

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  1. Igor writes:

    Good day!
    Don't know where to find application instructions for this scooter? To reach: I have 80 kg, I walked 25 km / h on flat and asphalt and I still had a range of 15 km. A woman who weighs 5 kg less still had a range of 23 km.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, unfortunately we do not have instructions for the application, what would you need?

  2. jaycxiaomi writes:

    What application instructions do you think?

  3. guards writes:

    It is stated in the instructions that cleaning in curtains at max g30 must be 32-37 psi.
    On the contrary, the information is that the maximum cleaning in the curtain can be 55 psi.

    How do I clean the curtain in such a way?

  4. Dominik writes:

    Make sure you are responsible for your own. the maximum size of the blower is at + 50PSI, but you do not have to wear it. the corner is in driving comfort.

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