[REVIEW] Imilab EC3 is a rotating camera with excellent image quality

[REVIEW] Imilab EC3 is a rotating camera with WiFi support and excellent image quality

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health - so the resolution is not 2K as stated by the manufacturer - is it the same as for EC2?

Otherwise a great review


Hello, even EC2 does not have 2K. Both are FullHD cameras. We also have a review of EC2 https://xiaomiplanet.sk/recenzia-imilab-ec2/

Karel Heč

Hello friends,
I note that the camera is good and meets my needs. However, the fact that it records either on MicroSD or on the cloud is not mentioned anywhere, that's why I'm "bothering" with the question. Recordings from the card can be viewed flawlessly via Xiaomi Home, there are no problems with that, but I don't know how to choose recording to the cloud or to the card. I did not find this option. Anyway, thank you for your answers and time.
Karel Brno


Please advice. In the description, this camera has a 7-day recording in a loop .. that means that this camera can be viewed 7 days backward recording 7 days (recorded 24 hours a day). If so, please, where do I set it up or find it? Of course I have a 64GB card in the gateway.


Cześć. Okazo začanzam ze aparat jest dobry i społany wymaganya. The only drawback is notifications and the separation of people from normal traffic before the camera. Zaznaczeni obszaru monitorowania w wersji PL też error jest niedostępne?