[REVIEW] Hubsan Zino 2 is a great 4k drone with great video features

[REVIEW] Hubsan Zino 2 is a 4K drone with excellent flight characteristics and many functions

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They sent me from Banggood Zino 2 and the camera shakes. Photos in raw are green and unusable. You didn't have such a problem?


Hello, we have no problem with camera shake, but we also have green RAW photos. We also wrote to the FB group about Hubsan, but no one else had such a problem, so we thought it was a mistake of our piece, so we didn't even mention this problem in the review.

However, we are currently solving this problem directly with the manufacturer, we will see what they advise us, but it should probably be a bug in the firmware.


Hello. With the support of Hubsan, we solved the problem with green RAW photos for a long time, and we came to the conclusion that it was necessary to use other software for editing. It is said that Photoshop or even Lightroom cannot work with their RAW format. Used UFRaw software. There you can then work better with colors and almost completely eliminate shades of green.


Thanks for the info. That would be great if you could communicate the problem with the manufacturer.


how do i get a gps signal? I turn on the drone driver and I just calibrate the app and I still don't have a signal