New record price €970! The beautiful 1000 W mountain bike RANDRIDE YG90 impresses with hydraulic brakes, full suspension and a maximum speed of 45 km/h | China Planet
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New record price €970! The beautiful 1000 W mountain bike RANDRIDE YG90 impresses with hydraulic brakes, full suspension and a maximum speed of 45 km/h

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He does not accept the coupon when ordering, can you please explain this to me? I would like to buy it at that promotional price, if possible. D


Hello, all the coupons in the article are currently functional, try to enter them according to the instructions


I wouldn't even want this miracle for free… god people don't buy this Chinese shit….


you're a bitch, it's the best full-suspension bike from China!!! I have it at home, it hasn't broken down even once and I haven't had the slightest problem with it!!! it has top reviews from customers and owners everywhere.. so if you don't know something and don't own it, it's better to refrain from commenting and post a hater

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Uff, what are you insulting, I only said my opinion, so refrain from those dirty words... I trust only verified brands and I'd rather pay extra than buy that Chinese shop...


You are a shopper yourself and I tell you, don't worry if you don't know your way around! open your mouth to someone else.. and go and buy verified brands if you can afford it.. a specialized full-suspension ebike, go and look in the store, you'll snap like a Skoda Fabia, if you have it at all, mommas.. let her like it because of ebike, sell half of the household .. good luck..


This whole business is amazing. The advertised product offers one price, but the actual reality is different (more expensive). There are also different performance parameters in the description. They forget to inform that the Slovak legislation does not allow the official use of these machines on roads (there is a threat of fines). There is no mention of service or spare parts anywhere, not to mention customer protection.


You need to use the discount coupon that we have listed in the article. You apply the coupon in the shopping cart to Geekbuying, then you will reach nami the stated price. We have several orders for this bike and so far they have all managed to apply the discount, so you must be doing something wrong. Geekbuying is a proven and reliable store with which we have been working for years. You have to take care of any fine yourself. The bicycle can drive up to 25 km/h, you can drive even more outside official roads.


that's right .. this is wasted money ...


long gone, on the contrary, a huge added value for the money top, there is nothing better among full-suspension ebikes, and it won't be for a long time! I drive it on the roads without problems at over 30 or 35 km/h, it's a great e-bike, I won't let it go, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, I weigh around a hundred kg and I can do 100 km without problems on eco mode, so even the mileage km they are really well known! great ebike, probably a bestseller for the year 2023

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you can find spare parts, for example, from wholesalers and manufacturers on alibaba very easily... I communicate with them regularly, they supply me with whatever parts I need... there are no fines, the law applies to scooters, ebays have no restrictions as far as I know

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Norbert Norika

I have a bike, but how and where can I buy a new battery and I would need a front light...


After all, you can buy a front light anywhere, e.g on AliExpress. We only found the battery in the official store.


you can buy a battery, for example, on alibaba, the Foshan Vehicle Industry store, just enter it in the search engine on alibaba, they are the official distributor of the Randride brand in the EU, I communicate with them regularly, they have a warehouse in the EU in Poland, and they also supply spare parts, including batteries, which, however, are now sent from Asia (in the Polish EU warehouse they only have e-bikes, scooters, etc.) but they pay all the fees, you don't have to pay anything, it's door to door delivery, battery delivery takes about 10-15 days

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what is the size of the frame please? I am 185 cm tall


The manufacturer does not specify the size of the frame, as well as other Chinese manufacturers. But it is designed for a height of 158cm - 203cm according to the information on their official website.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 10.26.11.png

cool, perfect for your height, I'm approx. 187 cm and the size fits just about right


I'm curious about the review, but I'm a little surprised that Allegro can offer a better price.


he doesn't know, look at what kind of battery they are using


Where is the engine? In the charge of the rear wheel?


Of course, where it can be seen, in the rear hub.


Hello, do you have a pdf manual eng for this ekol?
Send to

Peter Pan

otherwise, it's a shame that the 2023 model is no longer sold, which was much better, the gear shifter had a better quality 27 gear namiabout this tourney 21 gear shit.. shame.. but for that, a much lower price.. it will be enough for many, it is exactly the same as the well-known duotts ​​c29.. last year's 27 gear 2023 model YG90 (which I have also at home) went for a coupon of approx. 1200-1250 euros
but now there is something similar on alika, who would like a 27 gear full-suspension ebike and also from Shimano altus, there is a Heda TX19 in size 27,5 and 29'', that is, who needs it and what size suits him, the battery is from 19ah for me , also about 1200 will come out

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anyway, with all due respect, even if it's a great piece for the given price, and I have it at home even if it's a 2023 model with Chinese 27 microshift gears, it's still just a Chinese imitation, who would want an original randride under the name Forerunner with branded components - samsung / LG battery from 23Ah!!! the range is brutal around 125-130 km on eco mode!!! and Japanese shimano altus 27 gears, there is also such an option: you can order this one: but I warn you, prepare a much fatter sumica, of course payment via protected PayPal is also offered, so there is nothing to worry about

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