Narwal Freo X Plus and Freo X Ultra are advanced robots, we have coupons
Robotic vacuum cleaners

Brutal 50 € raid + gift worth €98! Narwal Freo X Ultra is an advanced robotic vacuum cleaner with brutal technologies

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Hello, It came to me today Narwal Freo X Plus. Everything looks OK, I just can't connect it to Google Assistant. In the menu of the 2.5.5 application, there is only Alexa, even though you state that it also supports Google home. Since I manage my entire household through Google, this function is very important to me.


Hello, I would like to order the vacuum cleaner on sale, but even with the coupon it comes out to $806. Where is the mistake? Thank you


Hello, the problem is that you have set dollars, 20 € you get the discount when you click one step further, where the coupon is entered.


I apologize for my inattention:-((( Of course, the dollar is not the same as the euro. Thank you and have a nice day