N-One NBook Ultra: 2,5K 165 Hz display, Ryzen 7, 32 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD
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For the first time under €700! N-One NBook Ultra gets you for its price: 2.5K 165 Hz display, Ryzen 7, 32 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD

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Peter Pan

I even have it for 670 with a coupon about two weeks ago, when the sale discounts started, it was a top. It arrived a few days ago. buy a usb-c adapter for LAN since it doesn't have a LAN input, and some kind of wireless mouse and equipment .. equipped in this way, notebooks go with our branded laptops even over 1000 cells .. I just hope that the ssd disk is expandable, at least that's what the customers wrote there that that the capacity of the disk can be expanded if there is a free slot .. and above all that maybe something will last

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otherwise you don't know how to turn on the keyboard backlight? it has to go somewhere in the bios, because apart from the 2 dots num lock and capslock, nothing else lights up for me... do I need to complain? ..and btw it says that it has wifi 6 but I'm on a wifi optic and it gives a max of 250-350mbit and I'm close to the router ..somewhat strange.. at the same time on a mobile phone that also has wifi6 in exactly the same place without problems almost 500mbit .. who knows what kind of cheap Chinese Frasov wifi6 card is there, or could the built-in wifi card be defective?

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try to get some kind of wifi6 prip wifi7 card and plug it in namias for the one that is there, it is already difficult to complain in the cinema if the built-in Wi-Fi is faulty, just replace it with the kind that should definitely not give such speeds on the optics.. try other networks and optics elsewhere, if it goes this poorly even there, it is clear you need to change the wifi card, as well as an external one in the usb slot, there are also small ones that I won't bother, they literally cost only a few cents, so it's better that it's only wifi, you never know when you're doing it, this applies to everything, especially when it comes to global brands such as e.g. xiaomi or similar
in any case, with such a class and equipment, one would already expect some level, but the other customers do not stay there in the review on the wifi, so it will obviously be just your case..

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Peter Pan

so now I know how to turn on the backlight, just press Fn+F9 and that's it..