Mini PC T-Bao MN78 Cyberpunk: FPS game tests, has Ryzen 7 7840HS, 32 GB DDR5 RAM and dual active cooling | China Planet
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Mini PC T-Bao MN78 Cyberpunk: FPS game tests, has Ryzen 7 7840HS, 32 GB DDR5 RAM and dual active cooling

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Wouldn't it be possible to equip a decent kickstand for the BMAX B8 Pro Mini PC?


Of course he found it. Currently on 24 GB + 1 TB version 350,57 is a fairly good price € even with 9,42 € discount when paying. Coupon: 88XCGJAU


the radeon 780M graphics are so good that today's top games run smoothly at least at medium details? what is the possibility of expansion with a SATA SSD disk, does it have a 2,5" socket or at least M2 slots for SSD HDD expansion? dik


You can find here graphics benchmark. The manufacturer does not mention anything about the disk expansion, so it probably won't be there.


It's a shame about the expansion with disks because, for example, other Tbao boxes have such options, for example the excellent Tbao MN58U, although it is not gaming, but similarly equipped, it has Radeon graphics, and even the Procak Ryzen 7 5800U has this option, and even expansion through the M2 slot for SSD and 2.5″ slot on the HDD, it's clear even in the picture, they have it displayed like that, this is a big shame if it's missing here.. It's a shame that you haven't tested the game one, it would like a test or if some owner would write here and confirm or refute this possibility ..


Geekboy recently reviewed something similar .. with ryzen 6 and it also had support for m2 disks.. you can buy a mini pc without an ssd disk and so you can actually buy an ssd, for example 1tb m2


but I spoke and wrote about another additional connection of SSD disks of 2,5'' format, not the smaller, newer M2 that every cabinet already has... for example, the Tbao MN58U cabinet I mentioned already has such an expansion, this is what I meant, this below, what do you have SATA2,5'' in there:comment image

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connect it there via usb3 and it will go just as fast as if you had sata6
why put such an old device there if it doesn't have at least 8TB


Unfortunately, there is no other expansion, but it also has a USB 4 connection with a USB C connector, which already provides speeds for connecting external graphics. Btw, the performance of this mini PC is such that GTA5 goes to full details from 40-60 FPS, Deus Ex HR goes to High about 40 FPS, Doom (2016) to full 60 FPS... You just have to pay attention to the RAM, I was unlucky with errors pieces of…