Midea S8 + is a flagship loaded with technology at a great price
Robotic vacuum cleaners

Liquidation of warehouses: The top Midea S8+ has never cost less than €200! It has LDS navigation, cleaning station, 4000 Pa and vibrating mopping

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What about spare parts? Well thank you.


The Midea brand is also sold at many of our dealers, so spare parts can also be bought there.


I ordered the gshopper vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi Global Store together with the discount coupon on April 27.4.2022, 3 (evening). The website states that the goods will be shipped within 3.5 working days. Today is XNUMX. evening and no fun.
I wrote to the seller and his answer: that they have a holiday / vacation and after the holiday will….
So I don't have any money or a vacuum cleaner at the moment.
I have been shopping in Chinese stores for many years (BG, GB, HK, Ali, etc.), but such an approach / procedure is quite non-standard.
I'll see how it develops, I don't want to blacken anyone yet, but I don't feel good about it. I also wrote to support gshopper, but I'm waiting for an answer.


Hello, send us the order number, best write to our Facebook or mail info@chinaplanet.com.


Hello, you have sent the order number by e-mail. Thanks for help


it's a huge failure, I warn everyone

the data given is very ideal, the vacuum cleaner can't handle even half of what is stated
maps are one disaster, the customer will adjust them for free, after a while the vacuum cleaner will finish them again - I have created zones myself where it doesn't work, so I have half the room without intervention
support just grinds about updating whether it is fully charged before vacuuming (I don't know how it should be uncharged from the station)
moping is worthless. I bought it for sonic moping, but it's no better than the wet rag that most conventional vacuum cleaners pull


Midea never again, the model before this one, I think Midea didn't even last a year for me. Nothing was broken or tangled hair, she simply messed up, a meter forward, backward, turns in place and missed the station many times. Spare parts yes,,,but no service. It went in the trash


Hi there
I'm just wondering if I will be able to connect it to 5G broadband (wifi)