Larmern durable shoes: Steel toe cap and nail resistant sole
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Larnmern durable boots have new coupon, hardened toe, nail resistant sole or fast delivery from EU warehouse

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  1. Miloš writes:

    One shoe weighs less than 1 kgXNUMX. it doesn't need a comment….

    1. Frederik writes:

      It is necessary to read with understanding. In the specifications, the weight is from 0,65 kg, not 1 kg.

  2. Miloš writes:

    I guess I'm blind. I can still see it all -One shoe weighs less than 1 kg - by the way, my Caledon NBK hiking boot weighs 750g…

    1. Frederik writes:

      We ordered the sneakers for a test of transport to the editorial office, and according to our measurement, one sneaker weighs 450 grams.

  3. Juraj writes:

    If you read the description properly not just the picture then there is written one pair.

  4. Batruska writes:

    1000 positive reviews from customers from all over the light..this wrote the best lightest

    1. Frederik writes:

      We missed the letter, corrected.

  5. Fero writes:

    according to the picture, where you can see the steel spike, they did not last you very long 😀

  6. Michal writes:

    I consider these shoes to be positive. I bought them last year for about 24 €.

  7. Jozef writes:

    For that price, they should already be water resistant, and it doesn't say that they are

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